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Krüger, Arthur F



Krüger, Arthur F. was registered in the trade register since 1922. In 1947 he expanded his publishing house into a printing company. Krüger produced display, congratulation and Christmas cards in multicolor offset printing. Also included advent calendar and scraps to his range. Half of its production was exported. That is why postcards are known by Krüger International. The company, headquartered in Hamburg-Fuhlsbüttel, was the largest Western European postcard publisher in 1966 and used the company code "A.F.K.H." and later than "Kruger".


In the 1990s the publishing company stopped working and on 23.01.2001 the deletion took place in the trade register. The last business owner emigrated to Venezuela in the 90s, founded the company Intana Krüger / Venezuela and delivered advent calendars to a Dutch company that sold them in Germany.